6 Grade Black Team - 5/15 6 Grade Red Team - 5/17
Class field trip to Nickelodeon Universe on May 24, 2024. 9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Valleyfair field trip on May 30th. Buses leave SMS at 8:45 am and will return around 5:30 pm. STUDENTS MUST BE PICKED UP AT SMS AT 5:30. There is no transportation home. Dress for the weather! Soak City is open, so bring a swimsuit/towel if you want. Wear walking shoes and bring sunscreen
SMS 8th Grade Boat Dance 5/30/2024
Optional stylus to pair with school issued Chromebook. Stylus details: Lenovo Garaged USI Pen CG01 This purchase is optional. If the purchased stylus damaged, lost or stolen, the school is NOT responsible for a replacement.

SMS 7 Valleyfair
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SMS 8 Boat Dance
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SMS 6 Nickelodeon Universe